We at Pro Build offer a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service for all types of tarmac.

Step One we assess the area for any cracking or damage to the tarmac, also any moss areas which will require a pre-treatment of moss clear.

Step Two sweep off any loose debris.

Step Three we apply a driveway cleaner prior to pressure washing the entire area ensuring all debris is removed.

Step Four any cracks or damage found earlier these can be repaired (not removed) with a repair compound.

Step Five we can apply Tarmaseal restoration. Restoring Tarmac and Asphalt driveways and other surfaces. Tarmac generally wears very well but will dry out over time if exposed to too much sunlight. This can lead to colour loss from the surface of tarmac and if it dries out too much the tarmac will start to crack up with holes starting to appear.

Pot holes and cracks in tarmac can be repaired with Smartseal cold lay. Once the repairs to the tarmac or ashpalt have been carried out, the tarmac restorer can be applied to the surface using a brush or roller.

The tarmac restorer will put back the original colour and all the goodness into the tarmac, which can make it look like it has just been laid.

Tarmaseal is available in black, red or green and is suitable for use on domestic driveways as well as commercial surfaces such as school playgrounds, car parks, business parks and industrial areas.